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There are 3 reasons why we won’t do a host program in 2021:

Health. Money. Future.


As much as we want for the world to get back to normal – it’s not there yet, and it won’t be there for some time still. COVID-19 is a serious health hazard and we must take it seriously. There is no vaccine for children that is available world wide and proven to be safe for all ages.

When children come here – there are health risks to consider: they could get sick while traveling, they could get sick when they get here, they could get sick while they are staying here. Families could get sick, both before and during the program. Families may have to be isolated. Children may have to be isolated or evacuated. Those are normal concerns. These concerns intensify tenfold when there is a pandemic ravaging the world.  Under current circumstances – these are unnecessary risks to children and host families. 

Right now a host program has a potential to do more harm than good. 


Right now everyone is almost certain that a host program won’t take place. We can hope, we can plan, but it is very unlikely to happen. In order to even potentially get it going – we’ll need money, we’ll need to charge families… and we just don’t want to do it, knowing that, most likely, there is not going to be a program.

We could of course promise to move the funds towards future programs, offer refunds, and do other things that may, potentially, look and feel like good… but knowing the remote likelihood of a program actually happening, and knowing that it may present undue risks, we just don’t want to take anyone’s money and then have to do a song and dance trying to justify it.

Not a good time for a host program. Definitely not a good time to take your money.


Host Programs are wonderful. They offer opportunities for children and families that no other programs or projects can match. A disastrous host program, one that exposes children and families to a raging pandemic, could potentially be the last host program ever.

There is no reason to sacrifice the future of these wonderful programs for a one-off right now. Take risks now and potentially erase any hope these kids could have in the future? Or wait just a little longer until things get better, and they are getting better, and then present a program that would benefit everyone?

The choice is obvious. So, we will wait. 

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Stay safe. Stay healthy! Keep the world going!