You are a role model. You are an inspiration. You are a miracle worker who can change a life of a child from Eastern Europe or Asia. As a host parent, you will find yourself smiling when your host child smiles, and you will feel joy when you hear them laugh. You will be proud when you teach them something new, or watch them play and use their imagination.

There are a few experiences that show the need to care for one another as the host program does. Throughout the host program, the children will show you how exciting little things like having your own clothes, bedroom, or toys can be; and how thrilling it is to see the beach or ride a bike for the first time. Most importantly, the children long to form a bond and feel like a part of a family.

Every child deserves to grow up feeling valued, loved, and secure. It is amazing that you can meet a child from across the world and realize that they are the missing piece of your family you did not know you were missing. You already know that these children need you in their lives, what you may learn through the host program is that you need them in yours too, you just didn’t know how much until you met them.

Without the host program, the children would stay in an orphanage, and not have a chance to experience a fun, joyful vacation. To the children, being in a family setting, learning about a new culture, creating memories that they cannot wait to share with their friends – is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Some of the children have a very small chance of getting adopted, typically due to their age. For those children, the host program is the only way to experience what it is like to be a part of a family, which helps to build their self-esteem and to learn new life skills that could later be very useful for them.