Host Program Overview

The host program is an unforgettable four-week experience. During this program you can make a child from Eastern Europe or Central Asia a part of your family. Boys and girls, individual children as well as sibling groups, will be participating in the program. The cost of the program is $3,000 which includes airfare, translation, documents, and medical insurance for the child. Applicants must be at least 25 years old. Married couples or single parents can participate. A home safety visit and background checks are required.

The host program is a wonderful way for you to serve as a role model to a child that never had one. Host program will give you a chance to create a special bond with your host child, and make a big impact on the child’s life. All the children residing in orphanages long to be a part of a family. To them, a host parent becomes a role model: someone who is going to show them love and care, someone who is going to create many fun memories with them, and teach them many new things.

Host programs bring families closer together. The activities you plan with your host child provides many bonding opportunities for the entire family. By being a part of such an amazing experience, you will also gain a new outlook on life, and will suddenly gain appreciation for little things that never seemed significant before.

If you are wondering what activities you could plan for your host child during their stay with you, just think back to your childhood and of some of the things you enjoyed or wanted to enjoy most and any one of these activities will most likely be some of the best moments of these kids’ lives.

In order to participate, you will need to register to view the photos and information about the children participating in the program this year. Due to sending country regulations and privacy of the children, we must keep the photos of the children password protected. Registration is a simple process, and there is no commitment with registering.

When you receive your credentials – you can access information about our upcoming programs.